Wearable Devices


You are what you eat; but now what you wear is providing a lot of information as well.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Sony unveiled a number of new gadgets that you can snap, fasten or buckle to your body. And to make them even more appealing these models are easier to use, have an extended battery life and tap into the powers of gestures, social networks and cloud computing.

One device is called the Fit-Bit force activity band which tracks a wearers steps, calories burned, sleep patterns and fitness level. It's just one of multiple devices designed to target people chained to a desk who are watching their waistlines.

Another company based in Toronto showed off its wristband that verifies a user's identity by determining his or her unique heartbeat. The company says eventually this will replace the need for passwords, car keys and wallets.

Now the marketplace is open for apps to go with wearable devices, something with form, function and price. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.