Amazon Elves


It's the busiest time of year and the internet's version of Santa Claus is hiring some extra helpers.

For cities in Kentucky, Nevada and Kansas the sights and sounds of the season mean camper vans, tents and a crowd of people. Dubbed the camper force they make up the seasonal workers hired by the biggest online retailer; amazon dot com.

In order to keep orders flowing and make sure packages are shipped to the right places amazon hires the campers and assigns them jobs at company warehouses. Each year about 70,000 people are given a little extra work. In exchange their campsites are paid for, they earn 94% of what full time employees make and in some cases are eligible for company benefits.

The temporary elves say the work lasts for about three months but gets busy in the final run up to the big day. Some of them say they spend about sixty hours a week preparing everything for delivery. Then when the job is done they pack up and move on. Looks like Santa's not the only one with a workshop.