It was a one day wish but some people aren’t ready to say goodbye to the world’s youngest super hero.

Earlier this month San Francisco came to a standstill as 5-year-old Miles Scott dressed as Batman and saved the city from the likes of the Riddler and the Penguin.

For most of his life Scott has battled leukemia and the disease is now in remission. His day as Batman was organized by the Make a Wish Foundation but people aren’t ready to see him hang up his cape.

Since Batkid became an international sensation there have been more than 460,000 tweets and pictures about him. Earlier this week President Obama was in California and attempted to set up a meeting with Batkid. Unfortunately the superhero had a pending engagement with “Good Morning America.”

Now the new found fame is spreading and Batkid is the star of his own movie trailer, modeled after the ones from the latest Batman franchise. Check out the trailer below; he’s been putting up a fight his whole life; why stop now.

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