Calling From the Air


Want to have a loud debate with family and friends this holiday weekend? Ask what they think of making cell phone calls at 35,000 feet.

Think debating politics or religion is tough; try getting folks to agree on letting passengers make unlimited cell phone calls while traveling well above the Earth. The FAA decided last week to seek input on the idea of doing just that.

The immediate response was mostly negative. One flight attendants union said it was a stupid idea that would compromise safety, and cause heated arguments between those making the calls and who thought it an intrusion on their privacy.

Delta airlines has already come out against the idea, saying it would not allow any passenger phone calls on their planes. They may be right. The idea of arguing with your boss or spouse in a crowded space may not please your seat mates. And one critic suggested that airlines looking to make money on the idea may make it too expensive. Free speech in the air may not be that free.