Google's Barge


Google answers the world's questions; but what happens when it becomes the question?

Right now Google has a large barge floating near San Francisco in a sea of mystery. However it seems the case has been cracked by the local CBS television news team.

The barge is apparently going to be used to market the Google glass and whatever gizmo's are yet to roll off factory lines. It will use shipping containers as buildings and will feature luxury showrooms and a party deck. That deck includes bars, a patio and is designed to entertain Google’s upscale customers.

The barge has three floors which will act as showrooms with chrome features and floor lighting. And since those showrooms are shipping containers Google can technically pack up their next great idea and send it anywhere in the world.

For a look at the barge check out the pictures. Now people are wondering when Google plans to open its floating entertainment center for business and when it will let customers come on board. But once again it looks like Google’s search engine is sealed.