Gifts From Twitter


Twitter is hooking up with Starbucks and making it even easier for you to be social.

The Seattle based coffee company recently launched a program called “tweet-a-coffee.” Here's how it works; first you link your Starbucks and Twitter accounts and set up a payment plan. Then anytime you're feeling generous you tweet “@ tweet-a-coffee” along with the recipient’s Twitter handle. That person will then be notified that they have a $5 Starbucks gift card which is redeemed with a smart phone.

Starbucks is pitching it as a way to show people you care; or get on the good side of people you're following. And it's not just Starbucks using Twitter as a means of gift giving. Earlier this year American Express announced a program that allowed people to buy its gift cards through twitter. In the works is another deal that would give people who discuss movies or TV shows on Twitter a “see it” button. Clicking the button gives them the option to watch the show or buy a ticket to the movie. Pretty soon you'll never even need to go outside.