Cell Phone Addiction


Constantly connected to your cell phone; you might be one screen swipe away from rehab.

Researchers at the University of Washington say they noticed an extreme increase on the frequency and amount of time people spend on their phones. So much so that they say cell phone use is becoming an addiction and can make you anti-social, stressed and anxious. Traits usually attributed to people addicted to drugs or alcohol.

According to the study there are four warning signs you should watch out for in yourself and friends and family. For example; anticipation. Researchers say it's a problem if you are constantly thinking about the calls or messages you might receive before they even happen.

Researchers say you should try to find ways to limit your cell phone time. For example when you go out with a group of friends put all your phones in the middle of the table; the first person to reach for their device has to pay the entire bill. Check out the other warning signs below; just maybe not on your phone.

Four Warning Signs of Cell Phone Addiction
From MSN Living

Anticipation: Frequently thinking about calls or messages you may receive.

Activity interference: Choosing to spend time on your phone rather than talk to friends or family or engage in other activities.

Emotional reaction: Becoming angry when someone interrupts your phone time, or feeling irritated when not on your phone.

Problem Recognition: Recognizing you spend too much time on your phone and trying to cut back.