The Business of Football


The rules of football are changing; to a business plan.

At a recent charity event benefitting a bay area food bank i spoke with former NFL player Jesse Sapolu. During his 14 years with the San Francisco 49ers he played center and offensive guard helping the team win four super bowl rings. I asked him what some of the biggest differences are between his days on the field and today.

“Well obviously the money is so much bigger now, social media, you cringe every time ESPN talks about one player that gets in trouble almost every day. But that's the world we live in now.”

Eric Wright, another former 49ers player says when he signed back in the early 80's his signing bonus was $75,000 with a base pay of $50,000. Most of today's players are being offered at least seven figures. Wright says the key is good people and being careful not to overspend. Otherwise you won't be scoring much when it comes to retirement.