Siri Revealed


One of the most important people in your life; is now being revealed.

Late last week the woman who runs your day to day life revealed herself. Her name is Susan Bennett and in 2005 she recorded the voice tracks for what Apple now lovingly refers to as Siri.

In an interview with CNN Bennett said she first started doing voice work for automated systems in the 1970's. Her first job was that of Tilly; the first ATM. She has also lent her voice talents to GPS devices, automated telephone systems and Delta airlines. Bennett says when she recorded the tracks she had no idea they would later become the personal assistant for the iPhone 4S.

She says shortly after the release; she went online and sure enough the woman who gives out directions, sets reminders and looks up needless information was her. Apple has yet to comment but CNN compared Bennett’s voice with Siri's and confirmed a match. For a look at the woman behind the voice check out the pictures. Now if only we could get Mona Lisa to come forward.