Cutting Back


Cash strapped Greece is cutting back… on job perks.

After being bailed out twice by the Euro Zone and the International Monetary Fund Greece is looking to save some cash. And it’s coming out of the pocket of the private sector. The latest change includes scraping a bonus workers have enjoyed for more than two decades; six extra days of paid vacation every year just for using a computer. That idea went into effect in June of 1989 to reward people who had to sit in front of a screen for more than five hours a day. The country’s administrative reform minister says that idea is outdated.

And it’s not the only sacrifice the 600,000 strong workforce is facing. They have already lost their bonuses for showing up to work and a regulation that allowed unmarried daughters to receive their dead father’s pension.

Now the country has until the end of the year to place 25,000 workers into a mobility pool. That means they will either be transferred to another department or fired. Sure makes losing vacation days the better option.