Attention Shoppers


Attention shoppers; your favorite store could be tracking your cell phone.

According to the New York Times major retailers are testing technology to track customers using Wi-Fi signals from their phones.

But it doesn't stop there. Stores are also using video surveillance and data from apps to learn the sex of each shopper, how many minutes they spend in the aisles and how long they look at something before buying it. Then companies take that information and use it when designing the layout of stores, deciding on sale items and issuing coupons.

But customers aren't buying it. Some call it way over the line and say the idea of being stalked in a store is creepy. Retailers disagree; they say it's the same as online stores such as amazon using cookies to gather information about its shoppers.

Retailers say it helps their bottom line to be able to tell whether someone didn't buy anything because of the prices or because they were just looking for somewhere to browse because of bad weather. Looks like your next purchase might not be on impulse.