The iWatch


The iWatch is on its way; and it's coming just in time for Apple.

The latest iWatch rumor is that Apple has filed a trademark for the gadget in Japan. Of course the tech powerhouse isn't commenting but bloggers predict the iWatch could make an appearance on store shelves early next year. And the latest product could be necessary to save the company.

Bloggers say that despite having one of the most valuable stocks on the market investors are not impressed. Last week it closed below 400 which means over the past nine months it has lost almost half its value. A surprising slump considering it just held its annual worldwide developer conference and introduced a new operating system and MacBook Air.

Plus analysts say the iPhone days are over. Everyone who wants a $600 phone has one; now the company needs a more affordable product. And finally it needs to steal the attention back from Google; who has everyone riveted with its Google glasses.

Apple stock has bounced back on analyst upgrades and iWatch rumors, my bet is time will tell.