Not So Golden Arches


You are what you eat; even if you try to hide it.

According to a Business Insider survey people are most ashamed to be seen carrying a McDonald’s bag. Of the 1,000 people surveyed 42% are embarrassed by the golden arches. Most people would rather carry a subway bag; with Wendy’s and Taco Bell coming in somewhere in the middle.

Most of the people surveyed said while they might enjoy McDonald’s they would rather people not know about their indulgence. But the public shame is the least of the company's problems. The last quarter sales dropped 1% worldwide and McDonald’s is now trimming its 145 item menu.

The first things to go include angus burgers, chicken selects, fish bites and burritos. And to help spice things up; McDonald's is now considering 24 hour breakfast and a delivery option.

To make matters worse its biggest competitor Burger King is taking advantage of its weak numbers and fattening up its menu with customer favorites. Maybe McDonald’s should worry less about what it serves and more about its street cred.