The Master Sommelier


Can’t decide on a wine; turn to your master sommelier.

Not everyone in the industry makes and distributes wine. There are also those that know the right grape and the right flavor to best compliment your meal. Sabato Sagaria is one such person. He is the master sommelier at the Little Nell in Aspen; one of the toughest tables to land in Colorado. He says the process to achieve the position that few people hold included tests on fermentation and wine regions, dealing with difficult tables and of course…

“It takes a lot of drinking.”

Sagaria says his restaurant offers wine that ranges from $25 a bottle to $20,000. But when the recession hit he says people were drinking from the cheaper end of the menu.

“People were definitely much more aware of how much they were spending and who was looking at those expense accounts so there was a downturn and our average bottle price dropped.”

Now Sagaria says people are back to celebrating and the wine is flowing freely. Something that makes his job just a little bit sweeter.