Well Connected


The world is well connected just not with sewage pipes

According to a new United Nations study 6 billion people around the world have access to a cell phone. Unfortunately only 4.5 billion can get their hands on a working toilet.

A main example of the study is India. 626 million people in India are not able to use a clean toilet. However at the same time there are about one billion cellphones throughout the country.

In response to the unsanitary findings the UN Deputy Secretary General announced a plan to halve the number of those without access to toilets by the end of 2015. The UN says besides the lack of sanitation this can also lead to health problems. And in some areas it’s not safe for young girls to be outside alone in search of a restroom. Having safe and private toilets will also keep people in schools and give developing countries a chance to break the poverty cycle.

Technology is great but we can’t forget the essentials.