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While you may be feeling the pain of unemployment right now, there is hope on the horizon.

According to Yahoo Hot Jobs, in the next few years jobs will outstrip demand in some professions. So instead of spending hours locking down your next pay check why not find a career where the money comes looking for you? Yahoo Hot Jobs lists ten careers that within a few years are going to meet these criteria.

Wanted: you! 10 jobs where employers come looking for you

Written by Romy LeClaire Loran, findtherightschool.com, for Yahoo! Hot Jobs:

Within the next few years, jobs will outstrip demand in some professions. Some employers may even woo you with incentive bonuses, well-paid salaries, and good benefits packages. So, instead of preparing for a career where the job search process is long and grueling, why not find a career where prospective employers practically come knocking on the door?

With an array of new businesses and ever-changing laws, accountants will be needed to assist clients with their record keeping and tax needs. A bachelor's degree in accounting can get you started in this rapidly growing profession, which paid an annual average salary of $63,180 in 2007, according to the bureau of labor and statistics).

Computer software engineer
We may not even realize it, but software plays an increasing role in our lives. Don't believe it? Your last trip to the grocery store or even the fast food joint down the street was made quicker and more efficient with computer software. If you enjoy math and computer science, you can earn your bachelor's degree in computer science or in computer engineering and become a computer software engineer. In 2007, you would have made a yearly average wage of $85,660.

Dental hygienist
As the need for dental care increases, dentists continue to rely heavily on their hygienists for cleaning, x-rays, and preventative care. Many dental hygienists work part-time and enjoy flexible hours. An online dental hygiene program can help prepare you for this lucrative career, which is expected to grow 30 percent by 2016. In 2007, dental hygienists made an annual average salary of $64,910.

Elementary teacher
Want to contribute to the future? With many teachers nearing retirement, the need continues to grow for new elementary teachers who enjoy kids and want to see them reach their potential. You'll need a bachelor's degree in education or another related field. Certification requirements vary by state, but in 2007 elementary teachers earned $50,040 on average, with the added bonus of time off during the year.

Environmental science and protection technician
As more companies, businesses, and governments need to go green, the number of people who can monitor pollutants and wastes will increase dramatically. As an environmental science technician, you'll help find new ways to alleviate environmental stress on the planet. An associate's degree in applied science may be all you need in some instances for this quickly growing profession, which paid an average of $42,190 in 2007.

The need for nurses is expected to grow considerably as the population continues to age. Hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics, and nursing homes will need nurses with a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree from an approved nursing program. The 2.5 million nurses in this country made, on average, $62,480 annually in 2007.

Personal finance advisor
If you enjoy helping others and have an interest in the world of finance, becoming a personal finance advisor may be for you. A bachelor's degree in finance will prepare you for this rapidly growing and increasingly complex profession. By helping clients make financial decisions relating to investments, personal finance advisors earned an average yearly wage of $89,220 in 2007.

Physical therapist assistant
The baby boomers may be aging but they still love to play. After an injury or for a complaint such as arthritis, patients need treatment, and physical therapists need qualified assistants. An online associate's degree from an accredited physical therapist assistant program can prepare you for this career. In 2007, physical therapist assistants made $44,340 a year.

Skin care specialist
With an increasing population that is also interested in skin care, the need for skin care specialists or estheticians is on the rise. In 2007, skin care specialists earned an average annual wage of $30,600. A program in skin care will give you the career training you need to provide facials, body treatments, and make-up advice to keep your clients looking gorgeous.

Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor
Substance abuse and behavior disorder counselors assist clients with their recovery from addiction. Whether their clients are facing problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling, or eating disorders, counselors help them get on with their lives. A bachelor's degree in counseling and career training can prepare you for this worthwhile but emotionally demanding job, which paid an average yearly wage of $37,830 in 2007.

Veterinary technologist and technician
Veterinary technologists and technicians serve as nurses to pooches and felines. You may also work in an aquarium or a zoo. A two- or four-year program in veterinary technology can provide you with career training in this quickly growing profession, which paid $28,920 on average in 2007.

Online associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees have never been so accessible. With many schools and programs to choose from, you can begin the career training you need for a profession whose employer just may be looking for you.