Lost in Australia

Apple is still sending people in the wrong direction and they’re being left high and dry in some bad locations.

Police in southeastern Australia have contacted the Silicon Valley powerhouse after a handful of tourists became stranded in a national park. They say the travelers were trying to get to the town of Mildura. Instead Apple maps directed them to an untouched area of Murray Sunset park.

Police say people were stuck in the snake infested desert in the blazing heat for hours. In some cases travelers had to make do without food or water until rescued. Police say people were too afraid to get out of their cars and start walking after spotting snakes, foxes and other breeds of wildlife.

Since these incidents, Apple has fixed its location for Mildura for people traveling from Southern Australia. Unfortunately anyone traveling from the East Coast is still being directed off course. Now police are urging travelers not to rely on their GPS and move back to regular maps. Technology might take us forward but who knows where we’ll end up.