A Technological Mind

kurzweil 1.jpg

The mind is a terrible thing to waste; and now we might not have to.

Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, futurist and author. In his latest book “How to Create a Mind” he explores how the brain works, how the mind emerges from the brain and how we can increase our intelligence.

“Not only are you what you eat, you are what you think. We create our own brains. The connections in our brains that define this whole hierarchy of ideas we have in the inner cortex is created by all the thoughts that we have.”

Kurzweil says Artificial Intelligence is going mainstream thanks to inventions such as the iPhone’s Siri and Google’s self-driving cars. He says the next step is that our brains will merge with the technology we are creating; something that could make us healthier and smarter but could also be our downfall.

“I think any technology can be used for dangerous purposes. That started with fire. It was a good thing. It kept us warm, cooked our food, but also burned down our villages.”

Technology is everywhere; and it’s getting a lot closer.