Broadcast Bounceback


Been watching network news lately? If so you may notice the economy is coming back.

Back during the height of the last recession I was shocked to see evening news programs on major networks filled with infomercials. You know. The ads you love to hate, but once only saw on cable late at night.

You pick up the phone after the sales pitch, call the 800 number flashed on the screen and order an exercise bike now parked in your garage. Or maybe use an attorney to sue after a car accident. No high prices ads for fancy cars or trips to Europe were airing. Car companies, airlines and retailers who were the bread and butter of network revenues were slashing marketing budgets and big ad campaigns. Some infomercial producers cut deals with networks for revenue sharing.

Networks get paid based on how well the informercial does. But this past week I noticed far fewer informercial pitches for products or attorneys, and a lot more ads for high priced goods and services. Take a look for yourself, buy something. Help the networks and the economy.

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