Beauty and the Beast


The beauty of Italy is breathtaking. But a beast is devouring this country's spirit.

Today much of the Italian culture finds its outlet in the thousands of wineries that dot the landscape. Some of the world’s great wines are produced here; Borolo, Brunello, Chianti. And Sassacaica; wine from a family that raised horses for a living and made the drink for themselves.

After so many rave reviews they decided to take it public, now connoisseurs call it extraordinary. Their success is a testament to capitalism and private enterprise.

But now it seems Italy has lost its way. Debate rages between the socialist models where government takes care of workers from cradle to grave; and the conservative model, where private enterprise runs the economy.

Were I living here, my vote would be to let private enterprise dig this country out of its mountain of debt. This country is in danger of losing its soul by losing its way. Socialist ideas have obviously failed the people. It’s time to give capitalist beauty a chance to slay the socialist beast.

For more on this story including a look at my personal pictures and video from Tuscany use this video link.