Vegas is facing a little competition when it comes to tying the knot.

If you’re in a hurry to make the ultimate commitment skip the wedding chapel and look for Autowed; the one stop shop for a quick ceremony.

Produced by the English company Concept Shed, Autowed will link you and your loved one for just $1. The eight foot tall pink machine features wedding music and a robotic voice that will officiate your wedding.

Once you deposit your fee it asks you to choose between a straight or same sex marriage and a friend’s forever ceremony. Then you type in both your names and push the number one for “I do” or two for “escape.” And don’t worry about the ring once you’ve signified your commitment the machine will dispense two plastic rings for the two of you to exchange.

Then the machine will provide you with a marriage certificate that most likely won’t hold up in court and a coupon for 10% of a divorce. While not an official bond the fake ceremony is still a nice thought and they say that’s what counts.