Wine Tainted Beef

cow wine.jpg

A good wine can enhance a meal; unless it’s already included.

According to two Frenchmen premium, high quality beef comes from cows that indulge in an after dinner drink. And they should know; the wine maker and cattle farmer serve their cows two bottles of wine a day.

Last year wine maker Jean Charles Tastavy decided to conduct an experiment to determine if happy cows really did produce better meat. So he teamed up with a local farmer and began serving three cows water mixed with pressed grapes. The cows enjoyed it so much that they were soon served real, locally produced wine.

The result? Beef that a Michelin starred chef said has a very special texture and caramelizes while cooking. The experiment was so successful the wine maker and farmer expanded beyond the three cow test phase.

But their discovery doesn’t come cheap. It costs $18 per cow per day to keep the cows liquored up but the end could justify the means. A two pound slab of the beef will set you back $120. But think of what you save on cocktails.