Unhappiest Jobs


Most people aren’t happy to see Monday morning; and for some that feeling can last all week.

The beginning of the work week blues may have little to do with you and everything to do with your nine to five. And to see which job titles suffer the most; careerbliss.com analyzed more than 100,000 and came up with the unhappiest jobs in the country.

According to Forbes the people surveyed were asked to rate ten factors that determine how happy you are at work. This included things such as a person’s relationship with their boss and co-workers, daily tasks and growth opportunities. Each factor was ranked on a scale of one to five.

In order for a profession to be considered a minimum of 50 employee reviews were required; and executive level jobs were excluded.

And the results might surprise you. Some of the jobs on the list are higher up the food chain such as maintenance supervisor and director of sales. To see the top ten unhappiest jobs keep reading. Maybe there’s an explanation for your daily blues.

No. 1: Security officer
Index score: 3.51
Heading the list of the unhappiest jobs is security officer, with an index score of 3.51 out of 5. That's compared with a score of 4.24 for software quality assurance engineer, which is America’s happiest job.

No. 2: Registered nurse
Index score: 3.55
Nurses cited compensation, growth opportunities, and workplace culture as the three things they are most dissatisfied with.

No. 3: Teacher
Index score: 3.59
Teachers are least happy with compensation, growth opportunities and the company they work for.

No. 4: Sales engineer
Index score: 3.64
Sales engineers' biggest gripes were a lack of growth opportunities, their company's culture, compensation and support.

No. 5 (tie): Product manager
Index score: 3.65
Product managers voiced unhappiness with the range of growth opportunities, compensation, company culture and support.

No. 5 (tie): Program manager
Index score: 3.65 (out of a possible 5)
For program managers, the unhappiest aspects of the job are a lack of growth opportunities, the culture of the company they work for and the surrounding workplace support system.

7. Marketing Manager
Index Score: 3.67

8. Director of Sales
Index Score: 3.68

9. (tie) Marketing Director
Index Score: 3.69

9. (tie) Maintenance Supervisor
Index Score: 3.69

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