Facebook's New Friend


Facebook is losing friends on the stock market; now it’s hoping a slice of Apple will change that.

Since it went public Facebook’s stock has dropped to under $30 a share. This is down almost 25% from its initial public offering. So to help give the social site a boost apple is building Facebook into its iPhone and iPad software. The announcement was made earlier this week at the Apple developer’s conference in San Francisco.

With the next version of this software users will be able to update their Facebook friends on their every move by talking directly to their phones. The new operating system will also allow people to “like” various movies and apps in the iTunes store.

Besides helping out Facebook the new software is also making changes to Siri; Apple’s voice command application. It will now feature more languages including Spanish, Korean and mandarin Chinese. She will also be able to launch applications and movies.

So far Apple has not said when the new software will become available but for Facebook shareholders it might not be soon enough.

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