One Thousand Horses


Feel the need for speed; how about the power of one thousand horses?

Right now the New York auto show is taking place; and among the latest makes and models is the Shelby GT 1000. Carroll Shelby is the owner of Shelby American; a company that collaborates with Ford to fine tune and build supped up versions of the mustang.

Their latest collaboration took the Shelby GT 500 and made it into a track ready sports car with 1000 horsepower. There is also a version of this for the street but the horsepower tops out at 950; to help keep drivers under the posted limits.

In order to get yourself all this power, first you have to purchase a stock GT 500. Then it will be converted to a 1000 at a Shelby American shop. Including the base price of the original car the new and improved Shelby will cost you about $200,000.

Shelby calls it the fastest car they’ve ever made, that is street legal and idles like a Lincoln. Now you just have to restrain your lead foot and find the money to pay for it.