Apple's New Flavor


The new iPad is here and you’re probably going to want one.

Earlier this week in San Francisco, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPad. Yes it’s simply being called the iPad and despite the same name as the first version the tablet has evolved. As expected the new model has a bigger and brighter display with double the amount of pixels. The new iPad also has more muscle with a processor four times more powerful than the iPad two.

Another major change is the tablet’s camera. After people complained about the iPad two’s camera Apple took notice. The new version has video stabilization, noise reduction, face detection and autofocus. Apple’s new on board assistant Siri didn’t make the trip to the iPad but it does feature voice dictation software that lets you speak your text messages and emails without typing them out.

The new iPad goes on sale on March 16th starting at $499 then increases by $100 depending on the amount of storage space you buy. Apple may have lost its core but it looks like it kept its flavor.

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