Faster Food


Feel like a fast food fix; for one restaurant having it your way now includes delivery.

Burger King, which operates about 7,500 restaurants across the country, is now testing out a delivery program. Calling it a way to boost sales the idea is now in effect at four locations in Virginia and Maryland; Burger King hopes to expand this to sixteen by January 23rd. The Miami based chain has not yet decided if this service will be expanded throughout their locations nationwide.

But despite the convenience there are some conditions to getting food delivered straight to your doorstep. The service is only available from 11 AM until 10 PM. You have to order a minimum amount of either $8 or $10 depending on the market and tack on a $2 delivery fee. Customers can place their order by calling the restaurant or online and they must live within a certain distance of their selected location.

But the full menu is not available; burger king will not deliver fountain drinks, milkshakes, coffee or breakfast foods. It seems the convenience of take-out at Burger King now includes take-in.