The Technology of Tomorrow


The Consumer Electronics Show is powering up and this year big and thin is in.

The CES show kicked off Tuesday in Las Vegas and some of the biggest companies are highlighting new products for your “must have” list. Last year’s big showing was the 3-D television set. But once off the showroom floor the extra dimension didn’t make such a splash with consumers. So this year manufacturers are focusing on design and picture improvement for 2-D TV’s and tackling one of the biggest problem with 3-D; the glasses.

Toshiba is announcing a 3-D TV that doesn’t require any glasses. It works by using tiny lenses to direct two views in different directions so each eye sees something different. Other companies are showcasing bigger screens with more pixels such as an 84 inch giant from LG.

In the PC world ultrabooks are taking the main stage. An ultrabook is a notebook that is thin and light with an improved battery life. They can also authenticate a credit card and users can navigate screens by swiping. The toys of tomorrow are here and heading to a store near you.