Grab a Pillow


Need some stress relief; grab a pillow.

For the fifth year in a row hundreds of Chinese gathered in Shanghai to send 2011 out with a massive pillow fight. And this time around so many people needed the outlet that two days of fighting was planned.

Eleven Wang is the organizer behind the event. He says there are many white collar workers and students facing extra economic pressure. He says with college bills piling up and bosses demanding extra work people need a healthy way to deal with their emotions. And if they need something to blame, they can write down the name of their boss, teacher or subject of stress and put it in the pillow.

Once all the participants are inside the huge event center a rock concert begins and then fighting commences. Participants say they enjoy the event and once it’s over they are able to resume their daily life with a bit more happiness. But they say it’s important to come prepared. Your life may seem stressful until you’re on the receiving end of a pillow that seems to have it a little bit worse than you do.