The Direct Approach


Looking for a job? The direct approach might not always be the best approach.

18-year-old Keion Sharp was trying to land himself a job when he ended up behind bars suspected of armed robbery. Recently sharp had applied for a job with brinks security. He says he had already filled out and turned in an application but still had a few questions about the day-to-day job duties. So he figured he would go straight to the source for information and knocked on the driver’s side window of a Brinks armored truck.

Unfortunately for Sharp the driver thought he was holding a gun and called the police. Sharp was arrested, questioned and searched for several hours before finally tasting freedom. Of course he did not have a gun just several copies of his job application.

Police say the drivers of armored trucks don’t get approached very often. And because of the large amount of cash they are responsible for, drivers are generally on high alert. Police say Sharp was very cooperative and even walked away with an application for the city’s street department. It seems one door does open when another one closes; even if it has bars.