Flying High


This holiday season airlines are splurging on their customers; but only if you’re part of a certain class.

It’s one of the busiest travel times of the year and while most passengers will spend the time purchasing pillows and looking for leg room; it’s getting even better for those in first class. According to the International Air Transport Association first class and business class passengers only make up 8% of international travelers. But that 8%of high end travelers brings in 27% of annual revenue. Airline analysts say there is now a war going on to cater to the profitable passengers and extra perks are the bait.

Analysts say there are three main areas of focus. The first is giving passengers a full night’s sleep. Delta, United and US Airways are installing seats that fully recline. And American airlines is offering a turn down service complete with pajamas and slippers. Next is stimulating taste buds. Airline food is improving with entrees such as mahi-mahi and jasmine rice. Finally the first class lounge is getting an upgrade to help passengers escape the chaotic airport atmosphere, at least until you go through security.