Speeding up the Economy


The British government has a cure for the economic slowdown; and it’s in the fast lane.

The British government is looking to jump into the driver’s seat of the global economy. And to help the country get there; officials are suggesting an increase in the speed limit on motorways. Transport secretary Phillip Hammond says the speed limit is fifty years old and out of date. Hammond says with the recent advances in safety and vehicular technology there’s no reason people can’t drive a little faster.

Right now Britain’s speed limit is 70 miles per hour; lower than most other countries in Europe. Hammond suggests they raise it to 80 miles per hour. He says this would generate economic benefits because of the shorter travel times; pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into the country’s faltering economy. And people shouldn’t be afraid to step on it. Hammond says he is convinced the extra ten miles per hour will not affect road safety.

The only ones not firing up the engine are environmentalists, who say more speed means more oil consumption and carbon emissions. But the road to prosperity is a bumpy one; not everyone is going to enjoy the ride.