Preparing For The Worst

In this economy layoffs are becoming rampant but that doesn’t mean people are prepared for them.

It’s been a year of bad news for the U.S. economy and things have yet to turn around. Currently 6.7 percent of people are without work and thousands are applying for a handful of jobs. People in all industries from publishing to financing are being laid off. The big three automakers have announced they are slowing down production and temporarily laying-off all employees.

Camelia Lim is a regional Vice President at Robert half International who works to get people temporary or full time jobs. She says if you suspect a lay-off consider other options within the company.

“I think number one, ask to meet with your superior and have a sit down candid discussion on what can you expect as it relates to his/her position within the organization. And communicate that you are very open and flexible. Should a layoff be imminent could there be possibly other departments that may still be hiring?”

Best advice? It’s never too late to prepare for the worst.

For more advice from Lim, click forward on the video.

(Brian Banmiller is a national Business Correspondent for CBS News Radio, free lance writer and public speaker. The former television business news anchor in San Francisco can be reached at .)

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