A Communicative Convention


Today people want information fast and the communications industry is amping up for the challenge.

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas I spoke with their Vice President of Marketing Dennis Wharton. He says with 93,000 people attending and 1,500 exhibits the broadcasting industry is back.

“It’s the gamut from real small companies to the largest in the world and if you want to be a player in the communications business you have to be selling product on the NAB floor.”

One of those companies is Mushroom Networks out of San Diego. CEO Cahit Akin showed me their product which allows people to live stream broadcast quality video over cellular networks. Basically wherever you have a cell phone signal you can send live video back to anyone with an internet connection. His $12,000 equipment could do away with the $500,000 satellite trucks all news stations now use.

“I think over the years we’ll see this becoming an industry, attracting more and more players.”

Players using technology to help broadcasters provide you more live content at cheaper prices.