Billions in Baggage Fees


Baggage fees may be miserable for passengers but airlines have billions of reasons to love them.

According to the Bureau of Transportation statistics airlines raked in over $2.5 billion last year thanks to baggage fees. This is up 22.5% percent from the year before. And it looks like airlines will continue to profit from these fees. Michael Boyd is the president of an aviation consulting firm and says people are paying the fees and as long as passengers don’t revolt, the fees will remain in place.

At the top of the list for baggage revenue is Delta airlines who brought in $733 million last year. American Airlines and US Airways rounds out the top three airlines profiting from your packing. And that’s now their only form of revenue. Cancellation and change of flight fees brought in about $1.7 billion to airlines last year. Something Boyd can’t get on board with. Boyd says airlines have a right to charge for bags, but charging a service fee for changing your flight is outrageous. Don’t count on those fees to go away either, not as long as we keep paying them.