Underage Christmas Crackers

Christmas cracker.jpg

Forget alcohol and tobacco, British retailers will now card you for purchasing a little holiday fun.

Christmas crackers are a British holiday tradition involving a tightly wrapped package that two people pull apart. It pops with a bang and inside are little toys and trinkets the person left holding the bigger half gets to keep. But this year you’re going to have to be sixteen years of age or older if you plan on cracking anything open.

A new health and safety legislation has decided that Christmas crackers have a little too much bang for the buck and classified them as category one fireworks. Any retailers caught selling the crackers without carding the consumer will face a fine of up to seven thousand dollars or six months in prison. British retailers are calling the legislation a waste of time. The British retail consortium says shoppers with a lot on their mind will be understandably frustrated when asked to show ID for a box of Christmas crackers. The BRC says it seems the new health and safety laws have gone crackers themselves.

I wonder how long it will be until some shifty eyed businessmen start selling crackers on a dark corner.