Merry Christmas...Or Else

merry xmas.gif

These days it’s safer to be politically correct; but if you’re a major retail store, it can hurt your bottom line.

Over the past years you may have noticed signs that read “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” adorning the windows of your favorite store. But this year the message will most likely read “Merry Christmas” whether you celebrate the holiday or not.

Over the past few years the American Family Association has been leading the crusade for the Christmas spirit by boycotting retailers who do not use the word Christmas in their greetings. And their fight may be paying off. Randy Sharp is the Director for Special Projects for the group and says that over the past five years the percentage of retailers recognizing Christmas in their advertising has gone from 20% to 80%. And if your store is still holding out, beware.

This year the group was planning to boycott Dick’s Sporting Goods, for advertising an online “Holiday Shop.” Word spread fast and Dick’s threw up the white flag, releasing a statement that declared Christmas the main theme for the season. It seems the spirit is alive and well, whether you like it or not.