Machines Deciding for Man


Feel like a beverage but can’t decide what will best quench your thirst? There’s a vending machine for that.

A new Japanese vending machine that sells canned beverages is taking the decision out of your purchase. The machine uses facial recognition software to choose a drink for the parched based on their age and gender. And sales at these particular machines have tripled over those of regular think for yourself machines.

The high tech machines use large panels with sensors to gather information about the buyer. They will also take into consideration the time of day and outside temperature. Once your information is gathered recommended labels will appear on the best drinks for you. A company spokeswoman says the machine is likely to recommend coffee to a man, green tea to older customers and something sweet to women in their twenties. The spokeswoman says the interaction with the machine makes the purchase that much more enjoyable.

About five machines are currently being tested around Tokyo but the company expects to have 500 up and running by March of 2012. Machines deciding for man, pretty soon we won’t even need to get out of bed.

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