Image is Everything


Certain ford trucks are sending the wrong message, and sales are slipping.

Mexican sales of Ford’s Lobo pick-up are tanking because drivers are afraid purchasing one will land them on the wrong side of the law. The Lobo and similar style trucks are popular with drug cartel hit men.

Gabriel Lopez is the President of Ford in Mexico and says those types of vehicles are in high demand for crime sprees because there’s plenty of space in the cabin for weapons. Lopez says members of drug cartels are known to steal pick-up trucks to launch attacks on police or security forces. Lopez says the sale of these trucks has fallen because people are insecure and sales have fallen 7.1% in the past nine months.

And it’s not just car sales being affected by the drug war. Like the U.S. Mexico is struggling to emerge from the recession but a recent survey of U.S. private companies has more bad news for the country. Of the companies polled 15% have postponed near-term investments or expansion plans in Mexico. Image is everything and this one might be hard to save.

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