An Inapropriate Charity


Cereal boxes are being pulled from the shelves after some shoppers got a bit more than they paid for.

Charity toasted oats cereal boxes featuring Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ocho Cinco are being pulled after phone calls to the charity hotline got a little risqué. The phone number printed on the box was meant to direct callers to the “Feed the Children” charity. But because of a misprint callers heard the voice of a seductive woman asking them for a credit card to continue the party.

A spokesman for “Feed the Children” says the charity appears to be at fault. The spokesman says the box printed 800 instead of 888. Ocho Cinco is also issuing an apology for the mistake saying some people were amused by the number they reached, but others were offended. His agent is assuring fans the receiver, well-known for his antics off the field, was in no way involved in the incident.

The misprinted boxes which sell for $5 each are being pulled from shelves. The company says new boxes with the appropriate number are being shipped out. Usually when you donate to a charity, you don’t expect them to be so willing to give you something back.

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