A Blackberry Ban


In a couple of months travelers to one Middle Eastern country are going to find themselves a little less connected.

Starting in October the United Arab Emirates will ban the use of email, messaging and web services on Blackberry’s. The ban will apply to citizens and any visitors to the country. Officials say the ban is being put in place because the Blackberry system is too hard for the government to eavesdrop on. Messages and emails sent from Blackberrys are encrypted and even the company that makes the blackberry can’t decode them. This makes government officials nervous that people could be conducting illegal activity.

Government officials had tried to get Research In Motion, the Canadian company that makes the Blackberry to allow them access to user emails and messages but the company refused. In a statement a company spokesperson said giving any government wholesale access to emails would lead Blackberry users to not trust the system.

And the technological restrictions may spread. Saudi Arabia is considering a similar ban and India is also complaining about the Blackberry system. While some people might find it hard to be without the world at their fingertips, at least their secrets will remain safe.