Protecting the Innocent


If you’re looking for work in a risky industry, Britain is making it hard for you to find out about any potential openings.

A new ban is in effect in Britain for the sex industry. Employers looking to hire lap dancers, strippers or web cam performers can no longer advertise at employment offices. A similar ban had been in place seven years ago but was overturned when the high court agreed with a lingerie retailer that the ban was unlawful. But the government disagrees and is determined to protect the more vulnerable jobseekers from being swayed by the lucrative sex industry.

Chris Grayling is the Minister for Employment and says people who are keen to get back to work shouldn’t have to consider jobs that they are not comfortable with. Grayling says we shouldn’t put people in an environment where they are exposed to such provocative work. So employment offices will no longer advertise jobs that involve direct sexual stimulation of others. However the offices will still be able to advertise other types of openings in the adult entertainment sector, such as cleaning jobs in strip clubs. I guess you could always work your way up from there.