Flying the Friendly Skies


Flying the not so friendly skies is getting expensive with extra fees for luggage and food. But which airlines rank the worst when it comes to customer satisfaction?

Earlier this week the University of Michigan released the latest American customer service satisfaction index for the airline industry. The survey shows that the level of contentment is on the rise, but most of the time just being content is simply not enough. Passengers took the opportunity to vent about plane food and flight attendants. And when it came to high flying cuisine, Delta/Northwest reportedly serves the worst, followed closely by United and American. And if travelers were given the chance to speak to the CEO of any airline they would request, “to be fed food you’d eat yourself.”

Delta/Northwest, United and American also led the votes with unfriendly flight attendants. When it came to overall flier satisfaction Southwest was given the number one spot for the 17th straight year. United airlines were given the last slot on the scale from zero to one hundred. Southwest was also voted as the best deal because it has yet to add extra fees. Something it brags about in its advertising, which must be working.