2016 Tech Predictions

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It's the New Year and while people made a lot of resolutions; how about a few predictions?

While it's hard to predict what the tech world is going to roll out in 2016 it's always fun to guess; so the people at Yahoo Tech are giving it their best shot. And predictions range from the somewhat likely to the probably not gonna happen in the next twelve months. And it starts with the easiest prediction in the world.

Apple is going to roll out a new Apple Watch and a new iPhone in the next year. The tech giant is expected to release Apple Watch 2.0 sometime this spring. And next fall, rumors have it that we will see the release of the iPhone 7 which is expected to include a fingerprint sensor on the screen, wireless charging and multiple cameras.  read more »

Media's New Phase


Media is entering a new phase and it's getting a lot harder to stand out.

Jim Bankoff is CEO of Vox Media; a company that publishes seven different media brands. This way people come to one site for everything they need from technology to sports.

“As long as people are passionate about it they’re going to consume their interests, yes there is a whole lot more for them to choose from. A lot more news, a lot more media brands and that just puts the work on us to be better and to deliver more value to the audiences but if you’re a consumer of media there’s never been a better time.”

Bankoff says all the competitors out there should consider each other partners. He says everyone involved is part of an ecosystem that sends traffic back and forth.  read more »

Fashion and Function


Soon the latest handheld device; might not be in your hand.

According to fashion designers are stepping off the runway and heading up to the engineering department. And together the two minds are coming up with wearable textiles. Clothes that don’t only work with your gadgets; but actually are the gadgets.

That could include a shirt that monitors your heart rate or one that charges your cell phone or tablet. For pregnant women that could mean a belly band which monitors the baby’s vitals. That information would then be sent straight to the woman’s doctor.

Another idea is to create a fabric that can release insecticides to protect against malaria outbreaks in mosquito infested countries.  read more »

Well Connected


The world is well connected just not with sewage pipes

According to a new United Nations study 6 billion people around the world have access to a cell phone. Unfortunately only 4.5 billion can get their hands on a working toilet.

A main example of the study is India. 626 million people in India are not able to use a clean toilet. However at the same time there are about one billion cellphones throughout the country.  read more »

Smart Technology


Technology is evolving and like it or not we’re going with it. Recently I spoke with author, futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil about how impressive the technological world is becoming.

“The computer in my pocket is several billion times more powerful per dollar than the computer I use at MIT.”

Kurzweil’s newest book, “How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed,” is being released in just a few days. In it he talks about reverse engineering the brain to understand exactly how it works and using that to create intelligent machines.

Kurzweil says this is already happening with gadgets such as the smartphone which does a lot of our thinking for us.  read more »

Terminating Jobs


When California’s former governor said “I’ll be back;” little did we know it would happen so soon.

Jobs are being terminated but it’s not because of downsizing or outsourcing. This problem is a little more robotic. Technology might make things easier but there’s a good chance the convenience you are enjoying put a few people out of work. And according to MSN Money the robots for humans movement is just getting underway. So MSN took a look at the gadgets that are taking over the workforce and the jobs they’re taking with them.  read more »

A Communicative Convention


Today people want information fast and the communications industry is amping up for the challenge.

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas I spoke with their Vice President of Marketing Dennis Wharton. He says with 93,000 people attending and 1,500 exhibits the broadcasting industry is back.

“It’s the gamut from real small companies to the largest in the world and if you want to be a player in the communications business you have to be selling product on the NAB floor.”  read more »

Sleep Interrupted


Not getting enough sleep? Blame your gadget habit.

A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 95% of the people questioned used some type of technological device before bed. And about two thirds of them admitted to not getting enough sleep during the week.

People between the ages of 46 and 64 were the biggest offenders by watching television every night. The majority of younger respondents admitted to playing at least one hour of video games before bed. And even if people do manage to drift off, the desire to stay connected acts as a frequent alarm clock.  read more »

Sticking Around


Ever changing technology might be replacing most of your everyday items, but there are a few gadgets that aren’t quite ready for the scrap pile.

The iPod might have silenced your portable CD player and your GPS system may get you places faster than a map but some of that old fashioned technology has staying power. PC World made a list of the ten technologies that should be extinct but are still clinging to life.

Whether it’s a diehard fan base or pure necessity, items like the typewriter and fax machine have managed to stick around, even though companies use planned obsolescence to get you to buy their newest gadget.  read more »

A Multi Layered Future


The next wave of the future is coming and it looks like you’re going to need some glasses.

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas one thing became clear. The world is going 3-D and your eyes better adjust fast because it will be everywhere. Intel Product Marketing Director Troy Winslow says 3-D technology has been all over the technology shows especially the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Winslow says we are now capable of processing 3-D images economically, plus we have the processing power to handle it. Jim Wickizer is the Marketing Manager for Panasonic Solutions Company and they were there with a whole line of 3-D equipment that ranged from cameras to computer monitors. But Wickizer says this is only the beginning.  read more »