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Your Social Time


Not only do you have to watch what you post on your favorite social site but how long you spend doing it.

Most of us know not to post inappropriate pictures on Facebook or tweet negative comments about our co-workers but now you have to monitor yourself in another way. According to if an employer sees that you’re being overly active on social media your professional commitment could be questioned. If you are always on social sites employers will start to question how your online activity is contributing to the company. They will also wonder what is not getting done while you are connecting with old friends.  read more »

Your Future Workplace


These days retirement seems out of reach, so if you’re going to be working for the next ten years don’t you want a sneak peek at your future workplace?

Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd are the authors of “The 2020 Workplace.” According to them employees of the future will appreciate more employment development and advancement opportunities than they have at any point in the last 30 years. But the big pay-off only comes if you start to develop the skills that will serve you tomorrow, today.  read more »

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Viral Vacations


Hotels and resorts might need some upgrading because while people still want to get away, they don’t want to go that far.

Gone are the days of lounging on a beach and escaping it all. These days travelers want to stay plugged in and are using email, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected. Amelie Hurst works with the travel website, Trip Advisor and says for many travelers figuring out how to keep in touch with the mainland is as important as packing sun screen and swimwear. Hurst says in years gone by this was never a concern, with vacations going hand in hand with being disconnected from everyday life. But now everyone wants to plug in.  read more »

Communication Skills


Not getting a response to your emails? The problem could be in your delivery.

Chris Brogan is the author of “Social Media 101” and one of the top three bloggers on social media and business communication.  read more »

A Whole New World


When you were a kid perhaps you wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut. Well today's generation is on a whole new path, a path that ten years ago didn't even exist.

From the latest gadgets to living green, economic changes over the past decade have brought us many new industries. And job titles that would once have made you skeptical are becoming the norm. Career Builder has put together a list of the ten careers that didn't exist ten years ago. For example number ten on the list is the Virtual Business Service Provider. These people offer public relations service, concerige service or customer service from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to telecommuting, the internet and video conferencing all the work in an office can be done from your couch of kitchen table.  read more »

Happy New Year


The holiday season is here and the New Year is knocking, bringing new beginnings and maybe a new job.

Robert Half International is the world's largest specialized staffing firm and they have five tips to make this your back to business year. The economy is in a slump and while it's not quite a job seekers market at least you'll be prepared when things to turn around. The companies advice ranges from social networking sites to resumes to making sure an internet search doesn't uncover your spring break mistakes.  read more »

Twitter Twitter de dumb?


I had the opportunity to participate at a Web 2.0 seminar for some local business owners and workers at a Chamber of Commerce event in northern California yesterday. It was set up by Dagaz Solutions, the folks who designed my own web site.

Some three hundred business folks showed up, eager to learn how to jump into this brave new world of social networking as a way to get and keep more clients. All the usual suspects were in the spotlight. Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, and the latest craze, Twitter.  read more »