Sacrifices Will Be Made

It’s that time of year for celebrations and bonuses. But this year you shouldn’t get too excited.

With the country in recession sacrifices are being made everywhere. Families are cutting back on vacations, Christmas shopping is at its lowest level since the early 90’s and budgets are tight. Employers are also jumping on the sacrificial wagon, so you may be noticing more changes around the office.

So how do you deal with this in a professional way? Camelia Lim is a Vice President at staffing and consulting firm Robert Half International and says it’s all about your attitude.  read more »

Staying Ahead of The Game

Unemployment is up and if you’re lucky enough to still have a job it might be time to do some damage control to keep one.

The entire country is feeling the job pinch. Every state is reporting a spike in unemployment and no one is sure when jobs will come back. Companies are living lean and finding ways to cut costs, including payroll.

So how can you protect yourself in this warzone filled with pink slips? Robert half international is a leader in staffing and consulting services. The company’s regional Vice President Camelia Lim says right now it’s all about showing what you know.  read more »

Being Optimistic in a Pessimistic Job Market

This past week the country’s unemployment rate spiked to 6.7 percent, with 1.5 million jobs lost in just the past six months. Analysts are split on when the economy will turn around, but you still have to pay those nagging bills.

Despite all that pessimism, entrepreneur, economist and University of San Francisco business professor Jon Fisher says it’s still possible to land a good job.

He says some of the pain we’re encountering now is the result of problems that we went through in the past. While the economy will certainly get worse in the short term, it will be a lot better in ’09. So it’s just a question of how much risk tolerance you can endure.  read more »

Good Jobs in Bad Economy

It’s official. The country’s economy is in the toilet and chances are you or someone you know is looking for work. But where should your job hunt begin?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the professional and service categories with the most job openings in the coming year. It includes careers such as a scientist, health care worker and artist in the professional category. In the service sector police officers and caretakers will add about one million more jobs to the economy.  read more »

Weak economy hitting fun jobs hard

We all have our favorite hobbies that we wish could also be money-making careers. Mine have always been broadcasting, writing and flying. So it hurts to see these most enjoyable of pursuits being hit by an economy that is bleeding jobs at an alarming rate.

In Broadcasting, local advertising that helps pay for the news you watch, is drying up. Traditional advertisers such as retail, auto and finance are drastically cutting back marketing budgets. So there is a lot less money to support local radio and TV newsroom budgets. Right now new jobs in journalism are non-existent. And those lucky folks with jobs are often being asked to take a big pay cut.  read more »