Avoiding the Job Scam


Financial experts and the Federal Reserve say the end is near when it comes to the recession. But millions of people are still looking for work and your job search might be doing you more harm than good.

There are currently 13 states with a double digit unemployment rate. And as these numbers get higher the threat of scams against job seekers also rises. The Better Business Bureau says with so many people out of work scammers have a bigger field of suckers to select from and as a person's financial situtation worsens the bigger a target they become.  read more »

The Worst Job Ever


National unemployment is creeping up close to ten percent and people are desperate for their next paycheck, but are they desperate enough to chase after the worst jobs in America? has ranked the ten worst jobs in the country based on salary, hours and the type of work it entails. And after checking out some of the heavy lifting required, you may find some relief in being unemployed. The list is based on research of up to two hundred jobs and the jobs selected all made the list because of the grueling work they entail.  read more »

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Twisting the Truth


They say honesty is the best policy but is twisting the truth so wrong when it's for a good reason?

The Career Builders website has put together some examples of when lying in a job interview might be more helpful than hurtful to your career path. Alan Guinn is Managing Director of the Guinn Consultancy Group and says everyone has probably shaded the truth at some time during an interview.

Guinn says in some interview cases it can be hard to explain actions you may have taken that don't come across in the best light. The trick he says is to position your answers so you look more like the responsible person than the one to blame.  read more »

Strategies for the Job Hunt

Unemployment is pushing ten percent. But don't let that discourage you from getting a good job.

The Governments latest unemployment numbers are certainly sobering. Four hundred thousand more jobs were lost in June alone. But Tom Musbach, Senior Editor at Yahoo Hot Jobs says it was encouraging that job losses are slowing when he compared the second quarter numbers to the first. But Musbach says that might not be enough to stop the march to a double digit unemployment rate.  read more »

The Job Hunt


Last week's unemployment numbers did nothing to boost employment morale. But despite all the bad news there are jobs out there and Yahoo Hot Jobs has set out to prove it.

Over the past five years economist Joel Kotkin and Michael Shires, Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University have been compiling a list of the best places to do business. The study focused on 333 regions across the U.S. and is based on job growth in the last year and how employment figures have changed since 1996. Kotkin says the 13 year spread is to paint a more complete picture of the potential each region holds for job seekers.  read more »

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Executive Networking

Social networking sites are designed to connect you to people but what about connecting you with the right job?

Molly Wendell is CEO of Executives Network, a company she started to teach people how to network their way to their next job. When Molly found herself looking for work after fifteen years as a Marketing Executive she started the job search by looking at job boards and sending out her resume. But Molly soon noticed that there weren't many managment level positions posted so after an unsuccessful year and no job offers she began reaching out to old contacts and building up her network. Soon she had received thirty serious job offers within ninety days. Wendell says being a great networker can get your foot in all the right doors.  read more »

The Value of Body Language


In this economy a good job interview is hard to come by and even if you're lucky enough to land one you had better be prepared. There's more to a job interview than references or experience. Your body language can tell a potential employer all they need to know without you ever saying a word.

Janine Driver is a body language and deception detection expert who analyzes our everyday movements to determine what they say about our character. Here is her list of six crucial body movements that can make or break that critical first impression.

1. Handshake: The wet fish versus the bone crusher  read more »

Employees Wanted


While you may be feeling the pain of unemployment right now, there is hope on the horizon.

According to Yahoo Hot Jobs, in the next few years jobs will outstrip demand in some professions. So instead of spending hours locking down your next pay check why not find a career where the money comes looking for you? Yahoo Hot Jobs lists ten careers that within a few years are going to meet these criteria.

Wanted: you! 10 jobs where employers come looking for you

Written by Romy LeClaire Loran,, for Yahoo! Hot Jobs:  read more »

Unemployment Advice

These days help wanted signs at stores draw a bigger crowd than 75 percent off sales. So how can you get to the head of the massive line of job seekers?

Believe it or not there are jobs out there. Some companies are hiring. In fact Yahoo Hot Jobs Senior Editor Tom Musbach says cities such as New York, Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco and Oakland are top markets for job openings and opportunities. Musbach says in these tough times you have to expand your resources and nurture any and all networks you might have.  read more »

Preparing For The Worst

In this economy layoffs are becoming rampant but that doesn’t mean people are prepared for them.

It’s been a year of bad news for the U.S. economy and things have yet to turn around. Currently 6.7 percent of people are without work and thousands are applying for a handful of jobs. People in all industries from publishing to financing are being laid off. The big three automakers have announced they are slowing down production and temporarily laying-off all employees.

Camelia Lim is a regional Vice President at Robert half International who works to get people temporary or full time jobs. She says if you suspect a lay-off consider other options within the company.  read more »

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