Formula for Success


A job interview is a sales pitch. And while it can be intimidating to pimp yourself out for a paycheck, there’s a three-step process that might make it easier to pull yourself off the market.

According to Career there’s a simple formula for success at a job interview. And if you’re not on the market for a paying gig, this formula can be used anytime you need to put your best foot forward. The first step is framing your pitch. Yale University did a study of the twelve most persuasive words in the English language. And number one is the word “you.” A word that Career Builder says you should throw around a lot, especially in phrases such as “I’m sure you know.”  read more »

Bad Drivers


Been in your share of car accidents or racking up those speeding tickets? It could have less to do with your driving and more to do with your job.

It’s not just the elderly or women stereotyped as bad drivers. Quality planning is a company that validates policyholder information for car insurance companies. They have collected statistics about car accidents and speeding based on profession. Tim Cox a spokesperson for the company says insurance companies may look at your job and consider you a risky person. Some companies even take your job into consideration when calculating your risk. While the company says overall students are the worst offenders because of their inexperience there are ten careers that have their own reasons for high crash rates.  read more »

Love the One You're With


In today’s economy it’s just enough to have a job. But can you imagine being lucky enough to love your job?  read more »

Workplace Sanity


Every day you complain about your job, but stick it out for a steady paycheck. So regardless of how much you detest Monday morning there are some tricks to make the work week less painful.

Harvey MacKay of Career says regardless of how unhappy your nine to five makes you; you have two choices. Quit and start over or see how your talents can be put to use at your current job. Mackay says in this economy most companies have been downsized, merged or simply frozen in place. So if you are in need of a little mental stimulation there are seven tips for you to consider.  read more »

Business Class


Forget the teachers, books and dirty looks. Some of your most important business lessons can’t be found in the classroom. has come up with four important lessons for success in the workplace. They asked employers and employees what vital skills always seem to be missing and number one on the list is communication. Experts say tools like small talk, reading between the lines and public speaking can give you the advantage in almost any situation. Bronwyn Saglimbeni, a Public Speaking and Media Coach says one of the most overlooked communication tools is active listening. Saglimbeni says most of the time people listen with the intent to answer versus listening to fully understand what is being said.  read more »



While your employer may frown upon you looking at pictures of scantily clad supermodels, in Australia it will bring you a fan page worth of supporters.  read more »

A Whole New World


When you were a kid perhaps you wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut. Well today's generation is on a whole new path, a path that ten years ago didn't even exist.

From the latest gadgets to living green, economic changes over the past decade have brought us many new industries. And job titles that would once have made you skeptical are becoming the norm. Career Builder has put together a list of the ten careers that didn't exist ten years ago. For example number ten on the list is the Virtual Business Service Provider. These people offer public relations service, concerige service or customer service from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to telecommuting, the internet and video conferencing all the work in an office can be done from your couch of kitchen table.  read more »

Hoping For Change


The world was happy to wave goodbye to 2009 while hoping 2010 would bring down unemployment and pump up salaries. But what can you really expect from the new decade?

U.S. News & World Report has put together a list of four things we can expect from the business world. President Obama has said that the economy has been rescued but jobs are still being cut, so will the actions of the coming year speak louder than our Commander in Chief promises?  read more »

Happy New Year


The holiday season is here and the New Year is knocking, bringing new beginnings and maybe a new job.

Robert Half International is the world's largest specialized staffing firm and they have five tips to make this your back to business year. The economy is in a slump and while it's not quite a job seekers market at least you'll be prepared when things to turn around. The companies advice ranges from social networking sites to resumes to making sure an internet search doesn't uncover your spring break mistakes.  read more »

Avoid At All Costs


These days people are just grateful to have a job and are willing to put up with extra work and longer hours to keep that steady paycheck. But there are ten types of people that may be lurking around your cubicle that could make your nine to five unbearable.

In their new book, "I Hate People: Kick Loose From The Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want Out Of Your Job" Jonathan Littman and Marc Herson have identified the 10 "least wanted" people to have in your workplace. Whether they're driving you to distraction or sucking the life right out of you, they can all be a fatal blow to your career.

1. Stop sign  read more »