A Not So Glamorous Career


Appearances can be deceiving; especially when it comes to your career.

Looking for a job of glamour and glitz? Be careful what you wish for because every nine to five comes with conditions. found ten jobs that aren’t as amazing as they look. Even though each one of these professionals might love their job; everyone has a day that makes them want to call it quits.  read more »

Horrible Bosses


Horrible bosses are taking over the box office; but what if they’re also taking over your nine to five.

For many people the new movie “Horrible Bosses” hits a little close to home. But if your story isn’t making you millions there are a few things to help you cope.

According to Career a recent survey done by Office Team found that nearly half of all working people have worked for “unreasonable bosses.” Of those people 59% have stayed at the job despite the bad working environment. And if you can’t stomach the movie’s plot of getting revenge through murder; what about revenge through success?  read more »

Operation Relaunch Career


At some point we all wish for a re-set button. And for three California based women that wish is coming true.

Russel Thompson is owner of San Francisco’s Carmichael Salon. He is also behind Operation Relaunch Career; a project he started with personal trainer Andrew Duffy. Together with a team that includes a wardrobe consultant, dentist, cosmetic surgeon and job consultant the two set out to change the lives of three bay area women. Thompson says they asked for essays from women aged 50 to 60 who were trying to re-enter the job force. The winners will undergo a three month makeover to update their look and resumes and help them land a new job. Thompson says it wasn’t the amount of entries that surprised him but the sense of urgency.  read more »

The Most Popular Jobs


Need a job but not sure where to start; how about with the most popular professions in America?

To help get you started in working America or maybe get you back on your feet MSN has targeted the most popular jobs in the country; industries that are currently hiring the most people. And while some of the salaries may seem a little meager at least your odds of a paycheck might improve. And there’s something for everyone on this list.  read more »

A Toxic Environment


Is your work environment feeling a little toxic? The source of the problem could be signing your paycheck.

Sometimes your office space becomes more trouble than it’s worth and according to monster dot com the bad vibes can often be traced back to upper management. But if you aren’t certain that your boss is the one to blame or if you’re currently looking for your next job, monster has a few helpful hints to avoid disaster.  read more »

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Your Future Workplace


These days retirement seems out of reach, so if you’re going to be working for the next ten years don’t you want a sneak peek at your future workplace?

Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd are the authors of “The 2020 Workplace.” According to them employees of the future will appreciate more employment development and advancement opportunities than they have at any point in the last 30 years. But the big pay-off only comes if you start to develop the skills that will serve you tomorrow, today.  read more »

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Five Red Flags

red flags.jpg

You may be getting desperate for a paycheck but there are some things to watch out for before you sign on the dotted line.

Sometimes things are too good to be true, and in case you think your new job is one of them career has a few signs to look out for. For example, during the job interview you’re trying to make a good impression, but listen closely to the questions you’re being asked. While you may be eager to please and agree to everything career builder says to be on the alert for strange questions.  read more »

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Getting Fired For Facebook


Want to hold on to your current job? Better watch your social networking.

Facebook has over five hundred million users, and with members expressing their every thought it’s easy to offend someone. But you might want to sensor your profile, because the people most often offended, are employers. According to a 2009 study by internet security firm Proofpoint, 8% of companies with more than 1,000 employees have fired someone for their social networking. A number that is double from the year before.  read more »

An Indecent Proposal


One Dutch company is in hot water with local universities for offering incoming freshmen a way to earn some extra money.

A number of the universities are considering legal action against Mediadam BV which publishes a move-in guide for freshmen. The problem with this year’s guide, is that along with tips on surviving college and lists of things you need is a risqué job offer. A job offer to earn money by engaging in sexual activities in front of a web cam.

Leidan University has released a statement on its website condemning the guide. The university also assures parents they had nothing to do with the job post and will be looking into further action against the company. Two other universities have since released similar statements.  read more »

Who's Hiring


Looking for a job? Well here’s who’s hiring.

It’s tough to find a job and with unemployment raising it’s not getting any easier. So it would help to know where to look. Career has put together a list of the companies hiring this month. While bringing on new workers is still a shaky process, consumer confidence and increasing demand have provided a number of companies eager for your resume.  read more »

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