Aiming For A Job


Looking for a job; there are some industries to set your sights on and others to pass right over.

For the past 18 months new positions have been added to the job market and things such as salaries and unemployment are heading back to pre-recession levels. While this news has many people readying their resumes; things are not always what they seem.  read more »

Too Much Hard Work


Feel like you’re being worked to death; you might be right.

At some point during your working career you will have to clock in a little overtime; and for some, the extra hours come more often than not. But while it may look good to your boss it’s not looking so good for your health.

A recent British study looked at more than 2,000 middle aged workers for about six years. It found that people who worked at least eleven hours a day were about three times more likely to suffer from depression and poor health than those who work a seven to eight hour day.  read more »

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Online Images


Looking for some online privacy; don’t apply for a job.

Last year a Yahoo tech blog reported that a North Carolina police department was requiring job applicants to provide the passwords to their social network sites. Now it seems the practice is spreading.

Anyone applying at the Maryland Department of Corrections is being asked to log into their Facebook accounts. Their potential employer then clicks through their profile to locate anything they consider inappropriate. The company says this is a voluntary part of its application process but because of the economy people are desperate for a job. And that desperation is causing them to drop their privacy walls and let anybody in.  read more »

Least Common Jobs


Looking for a job; avoid the road less traveled.

You don’t have to look far to find teachers, doctors or lawyers but what about locating a model, astronomer or animal breeder. According to those are jobs you will have to work a little harder at landing; because they are some of the least common occupations in the country.

For example take the glamorous career of the model. Careerbuilder says we all know people who say they are a model but have yet to appear in any magazine ads or on any billboards. That’s because according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are only 1,200 people actually employed as the face of a company. And unless you’ve made it to the ranks of people such as Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford you’re only making about $43,000 a year.  read more »

The Direct Approach


Looking for a job? The direct approach might not always be the best approach.

18-year-old Keion Sharp was trying to land himself a job when he ended up behind bars suspected of armed robbery. Recently sharp had applied for a job with brinks security. He says he had already filled out and turned in an application but still had a few questions about the day-to-day job duties. So he figured he would go straight to the source for information and knocked on the driver’s side window of a Brinks armored truck.

Unfortunately for Sharp the driver thought he was holding a gun and called the police. Sharp was arrested, questioned and searched for several hours before finally tasting freedom. Of course he did not have a gun just several copies of his job application.  read more »

Hollywood Lies


Is the working world not what you expected; blame the silver screen.

Hollywood’s story lines are usually fictitious; and when the closing credits roll its back to the real world; even at the work place. Recently Sonia Acosta, a writer for took a look at the false perception of Hollywood’s job market. Acosta says in this economy people are struggling and people are trying to survive. But the same cannot be said about the nine to fives portrayed on screen.  read more »

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A Line of Socks


In today’s economy you need more than just a strong resume; you need to be able to adapt.

I recently spoke with former swim suit model and business woman Kathy Ireland. Ireland started her trek into the working world when she signed with elite modeling at the age of seventeen. But Ireland says she always belonged on the other side on the lens. So in 1993 she began Kathy Ireland Worldwide, with a line of socks.

“I would say one of the greatest gifts of that long ago modeling career was all the rejection and I didn’t realize it at the time but when we started our brand with a pair of socks people laughed, retailers slammed doors in our faces it didn’t faze me because I was so accustomed to it.”  read more »

The Right Major


Feel like you’re majoring in unemployment; it’s not too late to improve your odds.

The job market is tough and the idea that about fourteen million people are looking for work can ruin any graduation ceremony. But not all doors to a paycheck are closed. Liz Goodwin works with the news blog The Lookout. Goodwin compiled a list of the ten best majors for college students based on how much that field is employed.  read more »

A Competitive Edge


Is your career heading to a different playing field; then maintain a competitive edge.

At the age of 60 San Francisco based Bobbie LaPorte is training for her fifth ironman triathlon. In her other job she provides guidance and leadership training to business executives looking to move up the corporate ladder, or to a different company. LaPorte says while training for her first race she discovered that the traits needed to reach the finish line can easily be applied to today’s competitive marketplace.

“If you’re not applying every possible advantage in order to be successful whether it’s transitioning into a new job or moving up in the organization you’re in you can be sure that your competition is doing that.”  read more »

Holiday Work


Tis the season for part time work.

For most companies full time hiring tends to taper off during the final quarter of the year. But if you’re looking for something temporary then now’s the time to re-buff your resume. When it comes to the holiday season most companies are looking to pick up some extra hands. Stores are busy, orders need to be shipped and planes are full with family members who need places to stay.  read more »